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The Official Office Max Survey is there at www.officemaxfeedback.com. This Survey helps to the customer to give their feedback survey or a customer satisfaction survey to allow feedback and win a coupon of $10 or $50 off coupon. This survey is designed smartly and it can be done on any device which provide the internet service without any tussle, what you need is a proper internet service and a device to win a coupon. So just get up! Just visit at www.officemax.com store survey.

About Office Max Survey

Office Max was introduced in 1988 with a concept of supplying the right office so that one can fall in love with their workspace. In Office Max 2013 merged with Office Depot and became the largest office suppliers of the US.

Products like Paper materials, computer, furniture, cartridges and toner, all these services provided by the Office Max. It’s a stoppable shop which every company wants because it provide all facilities at a time. Just look up once at the Office max.com and look what they offered.

What you need to follow:

  • You need an internet device, which provide you to enter the needed info in Officemax com feedback survey.
  • Current or latest receipt of Office Max
  • Info. Like code of survey, and the Timings and Date all this details are written on the slip
  • Capability which helps to understand and quick respond to the questions, it may in English, Spanish or any lang.
  • Capability to remember your latest experiment.


  • Visit at www.officemaxfeedback.com and write all the details.
  • As per the default setting, it will automatically open in English language, If you want to change it in your language tap on the Espanol link on the left side in the bottom.
  • Write your details and click on start. Many questions have been asked, answer all of them correctly and the coupon will be sent on your email within 2 complete day.
  • Don’t forget that the coupon is no more valid after 30 days.
  • Your age must be 18 or above to do the survey.

Useful Links:

  • Officemax feedback survey


Office Max like to have your feedback because they know the importance of your replies and they want to develop themselves daily. Consumers can visit at www.officemaxfeedback.com now to get a chance to win a coupon of 10 dollar or 50 dollar and help the company to get better. Visit officemax.com before visiting at the officemax feedback survey.

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