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Newk’s is started a process where he asked to their consumers to provide their valuable reaction in the www.newslistens.com consumers feedback survey. The Newk’s survey is

 Wonderful way for consumers who acquire at a Newk’s Restaurant to share their incident among the restaurant guide jumbo and clutch a free coupon code to get special offer at their upcoming visit. 

About Newk’s www.newkslistens.com survey

News listens was discovered by a father and son called Chefs Don and Chris Newcomb in Mississippi in the year 2004.It is an American chain of fast food café offering made to order and gourmet made from scratch meals which consist of sandwiches, pizzas, salads, soups, desserts, beverages and fresh fruit. Newk’s is having more than hundred restaurants in the thirteen states of America. When consumers had a good and remarkable encounter at Newk’s restaurant than they would be liable to do the newkslistens.com survey. It will help the Newk’s Eatery to continue and improve their services and also helps to improve their food quality.

You will need:

  • You need a laptop/desktop or any device through which you access the internet
  • A billing slip which you get from the Newk’s Eatery along with survey invite.


  • Visit at www.newkslistens.com
  • 16 digit Code which was written on your slip
  • You have to honestly answer all the questions
  • Enter your individual data like your gender, your age, and your yearly income.
  • When you completed then write down your approval code whenever you  collect this offer which was given on the invitation of the survey.


Newk listens like to have your feedback because they know the value of your replies and they want to improve themselves. Customers can visit at www.newkslistens.com now to get a chance to win free coupons and help the company to develop their services. Go to newkslistens.com before visiting at newkslistens feedback survey.

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